Featured Artist: 

Amy Brakeman Livezey

Amy Brakeman Livezey was drawn to the west as a girl.  She had varied experiences in the Cody, Wyoming area, including working for years as a hunting camp cook.  A far cry from small town Ohio where she grew up, the west allowed Amy to blossom into an explorer of landscape and character.  Her first true medium of expression was filmmaking, as a way of engaging a wide range of interests: composition, sound, color, history, language, and spirituality.  After settling in Montana in 1993 Amy turned to painting.  Working in oils, and more recently in acrylic and mixed media, she is still finding ways to express those interests.  The inspirational seeds of many paintings are from antique photographs of people.  Amy allows spontaneity to guide her paintings, where a more abstract approach highlights her hand in the exploration of historic subjects.   She is now a full time artist residing in Helena, Montana with her husband, artist Dale Livezey.


“My paintings are explorations of history using paint, photographic finds, pieces of paper old and new, and a variety of tools to build up and then mine the images for a fresh look at the past.  Layers and abstraction serve as an homage to the complexity of this endeavor – the chaos of the moment and our ever changing cultural perspectives.”