Rain on Craters of the Moon Monument 

Betsy Bernfeld

Driving 70 miles per hour          in sunshine

straight across yellow                hayfields 
storm over my shoulder              a black cauldron

boiling                                   with gray clouds

beneath it                               sawblades of 

rain which afternoon                 rays soon 

colored with pink                     violence 


The storm exploded on              baked black lava 

a thirsty few                            sagebrush 

one could almost hear              sizzle 
from the highway amid             blazing  

golden aspen leaves                blackbirds

swarming the high                   wire 

how wide                              the sky 

Betsy Bernfeld is a librarian and lawyer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Her anthology of historical Wyoming poetry, Sagebrush Classics: Pure Wyoming Stuph, was published by Media Publishing, Kansas City, MO.  Her own poems have recently appeared in Black Hills Literary Journal, Manifest West, Labyrinth: a WyoPoets chapbook, and Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone: An Anthology of Wyoming Writers.  "Rain on Craters of the Moon" was a prize winner in the Eugene V. Shea National Poetry Competition sponsored by WyoPoets.