In Proximity

Michele Rappoport

Chris Harris

In Proximity

Satellite-dish flowers 

Along the road we walk our aging dog

Red-whiskered blooms watching us like cats

Call and response of roosters, coyotes 

Where we can’t see

Enjambment of mountains enriching

Sight lines from the RV

Zero-gravity lawn chairs 

Lying down or sitting up

Depending on the wind’s will

Packrats, mice

Especially the one who built

With rodent genius

A palace in our shed

How many trips across 

The mid-west of our hilltop to the hay pile

Carrying straw in his slim mouth again and again

To fill the perfect cartoon hole

In the empty shoebox we’d left behind

Tonight the stars will cover it all

The quarrel we had

The house, unfinished as a flightless bird

The quarrel we had again.

Michele Rappoport grew up in New Jersey but always knew she was a westerner. Today she splits her time between Tucson, Arizona, and a hill on the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado. She is captivated by The Big American Story of western migration and sometimes pretends she was part of it. The closest she's come is following the Oregon Trail with her husband, a dog and two cats in their dusty RV.