Sean Prentiss

What is the West?

"I consider much of the West to be self-willed lands. The West is a place where how we use/manage/exploit/destroy/protect is still up for debate. We can create more cities that suck rivers dry or we can consider new ways to live with the land. But we are still arguing on how we will shape the land. That's the idea of the West to me." 

Sean Prentiss is the 2015 winner of the National Outdoor Book Award for History/Biography and 2016 finalist for the Vermont Book Award and the Colorado Book Award for Creative Nonfiction. He is the author of Finding Abbey: A Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave, the co-editor of an anthology The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre, and the co-author of Environmental and Nature Writer: A Craft Guide and Anthology. Sean is an associate professor of writing at Norwich University.